Our Services

We acquire the sub-system in your business structure into only one comprehensive system to deliver the overarching functionality.

Our integration services include consultancy, system integration and project management of IT services that provide:
– Application and enterprise system integration
– Business continuity planning
– Contact Centre Infrastructure
– Data Centres
– Disaster Recovery Services
– Enterprise Management
– Platform Integration
– Retail Automation

Our certified processes and over 10 years of service experience are reflected in the success we have achieved in executing projects.

We provide our clients a variety of fast, reliable and secure data transmission solutions.

We have a great variety of network solutions up to clients’ preference and requirement to solve their business needs. Our data solutions are designed based on your needs and included managed services for end-to-end implementation, monitoring, and repair.
– LAN Connection
– Wireless Connection
– Local Intranet

Network Security Services are driven by the need for cyber security which includes 24/7 security, monitoring, security operations and meeting client’s requirement.

With Technovation comprehensive Network Security services encompasses all aspects of security. With our varied offerings, you can:
– Protect your information assets
-Mitigate adverse impact on confidentiality and availability
– Reduce risks through high level of security for information assets

With our various Network Security services, we cater various business structure and different requirements.

Technovation cloud Infrastructure helps to enhance our client’s experience by providing an optimised and simplified cloud sharing system.

With Technovation Cloud Services, you can:
– Optimise and manage your IT resources
– Easy accessibility anywhere, anytime
– Get prepare towards the future of online business management
– Transform to an agile business and a dynamic growth engine

Our Cloud Infrastructure is here to ensure your business a seamless cloud journey.

Technovation System Virtualization services allows your system software to run different operating systems concurrently on one computer system.

Our Virtualization service take the cost and complexity our of your IT gadgets.
– Simplify data management
– Less hassle and simple process
– Meet the needs of companies of all sizes

Technovation offers our professional expertise to under different terms.

With our aim to maintain your highest level of performance for your network investment, as well as getting your problem solved too. We provide integrated end-to-end solutions to consult, deploy, support and maintain your IT ecosystem.