• Network Solutions
    Our consulting and integration expertise offer a wide range of of services, including Network Security, Networking Infrastructure, Backup Recovery, and System Solutions.
  • Value Added System Integration
    We focus on integrating technology in such a way that data becomes knowledge and empowers your business structure.
  • Security Solutions
    Network and system security have been today’s threat to day to day business process. Our Security Solutions prepare, protect, and remediate the problem you face.

Why Technovation?


Provide first level support to end-users via phone, email or onsite.


7+ Years in the IT market, with proven track record on sites deployment.


Customer and service oriented, emphasizing on quality solutions and support service.

Our Services

System Integration

We acquire the sub-system in your business structure into only one comprehensive system to deliver the overarching functionality.

Networking Solution

We provide our clients a variety of fast, reliable and secure data transmission solutions.

Security & Data Protection

Network Security Services are driven by the need for cyber security which includes 24/7 security, monitoring, security operations and meeting client’s requirement.

Cloud Infrastructure

Technovation cloud Infrastructure helps to enhance our client’s experience by providing an optimised and simplified cloud sharing system.


Technovation System Virtualization services allows your system software to run different operating systems concurrently on one computer

Outsourcing Services

Technovation offers our professional expertise to under different terms.